Welcome to Grace Ministries

We are a ‘GRACE CHURCH’!  Why is this so significant?

After 40 years of preaching the Gospel I’ve come to believe that the GRACE OF GOD IN OUR LORD JESUS is the heart and essence of God’s message to the world and is supposed to be the church’s glorious theme.  It’s only GRACE that will set men free from sin, keep them free and cause them to love God supremely.

It’s a tremendous privilege to declare a message which demands no human merit or achievement. It puts no man into the sad state of endless debt and obligation.  The finished work of Christ on Calvary has set God’s love free forever.  It was far from cheap.  Grace is not simply a doctrine.  It is the most expensive gift in the universe, it cost God everything.  All God’s Grace is in the person of Jesus Christ.  God has nothing more to say or give than all he has said and given in his beloved son.

Grace puts no stumbling block on the road to salvation or alters the signposts.  It points exclusively and strenuously to Jesus Christ.  Grace neither manipulates, dominates, intimidates or controls.  It demands only what it first gives and empowers only in the place of human weakness.  It reigns through the righteousness of Christ’s atoning blood and as such draws people to Christ and away from sin.

We believe we are saved by GRACE, empowered to live by GRACE, kept by GRACE and are saved “for the praise of his glorious GRACE”!

​Are you defeated, grace can bring you victory.  Are you disappointed, lonely, angry, fed up, confused, whatever it be, God’s grace and the God of all is the answer. 

Heather and I welcome you to attend our church and become part of our family in Christ

Pastor Len Magee

Sunday 10 am Service

Mudgeeraba Community Hall
Railway St                
Queensland 4213

For further inquiries: info@graceministries.net.au


Pastor Heather Magee - 'Diamonds in the Dark'
Grace Ministries Pastor Heather Magee has written a honest and warmly touching account of her journey through some really frightening life challenges as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a woman twice diagnosed with cancer. This book offers all who read it a heartfelt and genuinely balanced theology for our suffering from the perspective of a loving and gracious God as Heather gives answers and hope to some of the great quandaries of life.

This book is a must read and in the words of Pastor Dr Ray Andrews; “I commend this book very highly, from one who has also travelled the journey and found the sweetness of Jesus and His Grace in every situation".

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